Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Depression Stinks would like to find out more about how depression affects all people. If you are a current or former depression victim, or work with depression victims on a regular basis, and have a blogger account, please leave a comment if you would be interested in becoming a team member of this blog.

Application comments should include:
  • The type of experience you have had with depression (personal or professional)
  • Areas of treatment of particular interest to you
  • Any types of depression that you have a particular knowledge about
  • A stated commitment to a minimum posting frequency (although daily would be tremendous, honesty would be preferred)
Team members will be expected to chronicle experiences, comment on research, and discuss the cultural, political, and religious issues that affect and are affected by depression.


Anonymous said...

Why the fuck would a depressed person want to be part of some shitty group comprised of other depressed people? I can't think of anything more fucking depressing...

Simpleton said...

I suppose that there's probably a type of depressive out there who might go for it.

Even though I'm fairly open about what I go through, I've never been able to imagine doing anything in any sort of group setting. One on one or none on one are the places I can deal.

Anonymous said...

aww... Your too nice simpleton, wanna cyber? ;-)

justsparkly said...

I think this could use a bit of clarification - would all members be expected to deal with all the topics listed or just on those they are comfortable with? Also, what do you mean by chronical experiences? I blog about my daily issues, but not yet about issues in general and there is a difference. Are you looking for people who gush it all out into cyberspace like I do right now or people who provide a general sketch about life with depression, resources, meds...

Terence said...

Good question, justsparkly, I will consider editing the post for clarity.

The types of things I listed were examples, not requirements or a comprehensive list. Members would not be expected to talk about things outside of their comfort zones. Each person has their own strengths and my hope is to find people with strengths where I lack.

Regarding experiences, you're right that I wasn't suggesting it should be a replacement for a personal weblog. Snippets of how depression has effected your daily life, or occasions where you didn't permit it to; how a particular therapy or medication worked for you personally rather than just a review of what other people have said; that's what I was thinking. Does that make more sense?

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nylavejonathan said...

Depression is spiritual sickness.The person must know himself,and his relationship to God is important to build in ourselves. Because, if we will know what we are standing for, then, we know, ourselves better. Only God, knows who we are, not all our burdens can be understand by our family and friends,... only YOU and GOD alone, knows better.