Monday, November 27, 2006

Depression Stinks

This blog is about the depths that we can sink to.

It is about the heights that we can reach.

It is about the powerlessness that we may feel.

It is about the control we can take.

Depression incites suicidal feelings because it erodes hope and happiness. It causes physical pain, emotional instability and spiritual barrenness. It attacks us on every level of our being, and must be treated on all levels as well.

It is understandable that some of us are without hope, that some of us believe that there will never be an end to the blackness. That's what depression does, it undermines our very ability to fight it.

I am not convinced that hope comes in a bottle, be it prescribed or self-selected. It is not placed neatly on an altar, nor is it asking us to lie back on a couch and share feelings from our childhood. Hope must blend these things, in a recipe as unique as the person who suffers from this disease.

This post, and this blog, is dedicated to the countless thousands who believe that hope has abandoned them in the darkness.

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