Sunday, November 26, 2006

Ketamine No Quick Answer

Ketamine is a veterinary anesthetic that has been used recreationally for at least ten years. Early research suggests that it could have the ability to address all the symptoms of depression, with the effects being felt in hours, rather than the weeks it can often take with traditional antidepressant medications.

However, the hallucinatory properties of this drug have to be considered before any serious look at it as a treatment option could take place. And considering how easily depressed persons self-medicate with any number of substances, it would be counterproductive to prescribe a drug that already has a history of being abused. Even though it appears to be treating the actual symptoms, not just inducing euphoria, the frustrating truth is that it would be too easy to turn a blind eye to "Special K" as a fun drug and doom many depression victims to a life of more drug dependence instead of more freedom from pain.

Seems like a cruel joke, but it really isn't. If ketamine had "instant relief" properties with no obvious dangers, it would be fast-tracked through the approval process, with drug companies rubbing their hands together with glee at the thought of being able to sell it at a much higher price, since the potential market would be expanded from house cats in need of surgery to a large percentage of the human population. Media reports would herald it as the cure we've all been waiting for. Much fanfare would ensue.

Drugs, however, have a strange habit of hiding some of their side effects for months, even years. Fast track research didn't benefit the users of Vioxx. Better to not allow large companies to quickly capitalize on the desire for hope, and make sure they do their homework. The last thing we want is to cause more harm than good.

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sian said...

I suffered from depressive episodes through much of my life, i have managed to fight my way through it. 3 yrs ago i suffered a terrible brain Injury. CNSV and Encephalitis.

this sent me further into lows as its taken 3 yrs to recover.

I have researched Ketamine to a deep level.

Ketamine has been succesfully being used in Russia to treat Cronic trauma cases, Rape, Abuse, Alcholism.

I have obtained and used Ketamine within a carefully monitored situation.

Ketamine Has helped me heal myself and move forward. Its has helped me re connect my brains new nuero pathways and i have been free from Lows since.

I don suffer usual anxietys, pains and life hassles like most of us. But the re-birthing action of a controlled Ketamine session has really,really helped me.

The reason why the drug companies are not marketing these drugs as anti depressive drugs etc is rather the same reason LSD, MDMA ( other drugs that have scientific proven benifits in select cases) have been scrapped..
These 'Drugs' also can wake you up and realize that from a young age you have been manipulated and moulded into something with a name, NHS number, Social Security, passports etc.. This is all very un natural. and Most people who have there blinkers taken of remember who they really are. And sometime that can go against everything the 'Men in charge' have instilled into our parents and their parents.

That your governemt knows best!

I do not condone liberal drug taking.

I believe that a lot of pain could be avoided in the world if from a baby we are taught at school that we are a high form of life called humans and should try to give 'total un-conditional love for all'

Its fantasy in our world.... BUT WHY???

All replies would be read.